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Yogaropa by Indrajeet kaur

In this project we have given the hand craft selling women's clothing, which two decades I dedicate ago, and Kundalini Yoga, which invaded my life two years ago and, like everything really worth, he did to stay forever. It is a life and business; couple, family; a way of relating to the world and to output my desire to share.
Although I was not aware of it, somehow I feel that Yogiropa has been brewing in me for a very long time, as if each and every one of the steps I have taken along my way were part of a choreography that opens and blooms in this adventure.
Every seed is a tree in power, and Yogiropa is just that: a seed that has germinated to afford to be the beautiful tree that always resided within. A tree with its trunk and its branches, its roots and leaves; but also with the land that sustains it, with the light from which it feeds and the shadow cast; oxygenates the air, the people sheltering and rain that refreshes.
So, just thanks for being there, also part of this we have come to be and start being.